What happens when you combine twelve years of experience in the women's shoe industry with a rich Latin heritage? Fire-hot colors. Sexy arches. Classic design. This is the unique blend that Carlos Molina brings to the world of women's shoes.

Born into a close-knit family in Ecuador, South America, Carlos was deeply influenced by his natural surroundings: blazing sun, deep green foliage, azure waters. A true nature lover with a passion for architecture, Carlos credits his South American upbringing for the structural sensibility and organic design which he brings to his line.

In 1985, upon earning a degree in economics and business, Carlos moved to the United States. Within one year he had mastered English as his second language and began working for the shoe company Bellini. Shortly after hire, he made a transition from accounting to product development--a position which utilized both his practical and creative abilities. In 1992, he began a seven year tenure at the shoe company Coup'detat, establishing himself as a prime salesman and line builder.

After twelve years in the industry, Carlos turned the dream of creating his own line into a reality. Though a world-traveler, Carlos chose to build his studio in his New York home, holding fast to the close-knit tradition from which he came. Carlos Molina™ is a family run firm with a hands-on approach to quality assurance. The Molinas are involved in every step of the process, from generating ideas to selecting the finest fabrics and skins. Production of the Carlos Molina™ line must pass the Molina family's strictest standards, not a factory's.

The result is a synergy of style and substance; a line where dazzling colors dance with delicate shapes.

Carlos Molina™ invites you to step into this world. Enjoy.*

Above: Carlos Molina displays selections from his line.