MOLINA INC./CARLOS MOLINA™ was formed on the basis that for every woman who wears a sexy, feminine shoe, there is a man waiting to admire her. The current Latin explosion has filtered into every industry and is bringing about a change in the way women view themselves and subsequently, in the way they are viewed.
Today's woman is not in a hurry to prove her equality, but revels in her self-assurity. She has allowed herself the luxury of celebrating her womanhood and what has been previously thought to be "old world": red lips, smoky eyes, curves, sexy molded clothing, fire-hot or bright colors, pastels, flowers, butterflies, skins in ponyhair, giraffe, zebra or leopard, lace, silk, long hair, painted nails and sexy, arched and well manicured feet.
CARLOS MOLINA™ caters to today's woman--a self-assured, successful and highly willful woman who knows how to display her sense of self.
The CARLOS MOLINA™ woman is a student, professional, mother and/or wife. She is computer savvy and buys from one season to another. She goes on holiday often and buys for occassions. She is fashion forward without losing her femininity or sacrificing her paycheck for a couture price.Classic lines work well with her level of professionalism, yet a dash of haute couture is what she craves in public and private forums. She surpasses the trendy, junior footwear fashion of the moment for an extremely feminine, quality shoe.

Based on a foundation of twelve years of experience in the women's footwear industry, CARLOS MOLINA™ is poised to help fill the extreme demand for a line of sexy, presentable fashion footwear. Shoes are now available worldwide here in the CARLOS MOLINA™ Cyberstore. *